In order to promote healthy living we strive to provide a well-stocked gym for members and the ability to purchase a membership. It has cardio machine as well as equipment for lifting weights. It is a great facility that is convenient due to it's short distance from most community members homes.

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Thessalon First Nation’s cemetery is our sacred burial ground where our ancestors and family members remain. It is our obligation to ensure that our relatives are buried in a proper manner and place to protect them from disturbance and desecration. They need to be sheltered, fed, visited and feasted. These traditions exhibit our continuity and close knit community.

TFN has a beautiful arena to be used for activities all year round. This open-air arena has boards installed as well as an expansive roof and lighting to rival many rinks in larger communities.  The ice is frequently groomed with a Zamboni to ensure a smooth ice surface is always ready to be used during the winter months.

Our playing areas include our park and baseball field. The park is enjoyed by many of our children and their friends from the very young to the older youth. We are also pleased with having our own baseball field which is appreciated by all community members. During the warm months we are able to use this area for day camp activities, baseball games and baseball tournaments.

Our annual pow wow offers a celebration of healing and spiritual growth for our community and friends. The fun filled event offers a variety of songs, drums and dance. We follow a traditional pow wow held in keeping with the spirit of generosity and acceptance of all people and in keeping with the policies set by the committee for good order. Pow Wow rules will be enforced.

Burial Ground

Pow Wow Grounds

The heart of the community is without a doubt the community hall. It is a large hall that can accommodate all members of the First Nation to ensure the continuation of our close-knit community. Community meetings and social events are held here regularly. 

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Community Hall

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