Thesalon First Nation have a number of projects underway, namely:

Diversity Planning Bio Center

Through partnerships with Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs, Aboriginal Economic Diversification Fund, Thessalon First Nation and Union of Ontario Indians (ASETA) this project began September 2015 and will end March 2017 with a possibility of renewable funding.

The purpose of this project is to develop long term diverse operations for the First Nation through their significant physical asset the Bio Centre which will ultimately provide economic development requiring a skilled workforce.  Consultations with Chief and Council and the community are priority.  Advisors from industry and government are a component of the strategy.

Team members are:

  • Nadine Roach, Diversity Coordinator
  • Megan Wabigwan, Diversity Support (Intern)

Youth Led Youth Programming 

​​In conjunction with the Economic Development/Employment & Training department and the Community Support Services department, we began a Youth Led Youth Programming pilot project.  The purpose of this project is to implement youth programming based on youth feedback and priorities.  In order for our youth to create social change we have implemented this important initiative to empower our young with as many tools and resources as possible.  Future entrepreneurial training is planned so the youth may start-up a small business with proceeds going towards future youth development.  The youth champion group is continuously fundraising for upcoming activities which may include culture, traditions, history of our people, special trips, camping, hunting and fishing, etc.  This important endeavor will create long term mentorships with the younger children and therefore will continuously result in a positive impact.

Team members are:

  • Youth Coordinator (Intern), Raven Boulrice
  • Economic Development/Employment & Training Officer, Tamara Ashawasega
  • Community Support Services Worker, Chris Belisle

Special Projects

Community Energy Plan

Through a partnership with Independent Electricity System Operators (IESO) and Thessalon First Nation, we are successfully awarded a  grant to develop a Community Energy Plan.  In consultation with Chief and Council and members of the community, the Plan will assist us in making decisions about energy usage and consumption and alternative energy sources.  Cambian Aboriginal, our preferred Aboriginal Energy Consulting firm will be assisting us in the drafting the Plan.  This project will continue through to March 31, 2017.

Team members are:

  • Tamara Ashawasega, Economic Development/Employment & Training Officer
  • Lorne Keatley, Environmental Technician/Energy Plan Liaison​

Industrial Park/New Access Road

Through partnerships with AANDC (Aboriginal and Northern Development Canada), Thessalon First Nation and Union of Ontario Indians (ASETA) this project began in April 2014 and recently ended on March 31, 2016.   Thessalon First Nation and its members continue to support this multi-year project and are working diligently in partnering with government and industry to complete this identified community need.  A formal business plan will be shared once completed.

Regular updates will be posted.

Team members are:

  • Tamara Ashawasega, Economic Development/Employment & Training Officer
  • Doug Bisaillon, Public Works Manager​​
  • Mary Jane Wardell, Band Manager

Comprehensive Community Plan 2013

​The development of TFN's Comprehensive Community Plan provides an opportunity for the community to reflect on its past, consider its present situation and sets a direction for the future. The community has decided collectively how to move forward by establishing a long-term vision. The plan provides a clear direction to steer the band toward its vision through approaching change in a way that is community based, project driven and locally focused. 

For a copy of the Comprehensive Community Plan please contact the Band Office. 

Plan champions were:

  • George Yukich, Special Projects Officer
  • Tamara Ashawasega, Business Development Officer
  • Pam Yukich, Economic Development Officer
  • Megan Wabigwan, Youth Intern

EDSP (Economic Development Strategic Plan)/LUP (Land Use Plan) Project

The EDSP/LUP Project Phase I was completed March 2015.  This phase included a preliminary draft of the EDSP and a final draft of the reserve identifying areas of land that are not available for development.

Phase II of this project is ready to begin on April 1, 2016.  This next and final phase will have accomplished a final draft of the EDSP along with a final draft of TFN’s Traditional Territories pending confirmed funding.

Consultation with Chief & Council and the community members will continue to be a priority as this phase rolls out.  The purpose of these important plans are to prioritize the economic development initiatives that were identified in Thessalon First Nation’s Comprehensive Community Plan.

Updates will be provided on a regular basis.

Team members are:

  • Tamara Ashawasega, Economic Development/Employment & Training Officer
  • Mary Jane Wardell, Band Manager
  • Kathleen Naponse, Lands & Resource Coordinator

Website Design, Development & Implementation

In partnership with Thessalon First Nation and Union of Ontario Indians (ASETA) we are able to design, develop and implement this website.

TFN is still actively pursuing a continued and collaborated effort in maintaining and enhancing the website as the main component of a larger communications strategy which may include social media.  Policies are an integral part of the new project and will be developed and shared as they are drafted and approved.

The staff members currently managing this project are namely:

  • Cheyenne Boulrice, Communications & Systems Support (Youth Intern)
  • Tamara Ashawasega, Economic Development/Employment & Training Officer
  • Mary Jane Wardell, Band Manager
  • Darlene Monette, Education Coordinator 
  • Kathleen Naponse, Lands & Resource Coodinator
  • Doug Bisaillon, Public Works/Infrastructure Manager
  • Bobbi Jo McColman, Niigaaniin/Membership Coordinator
  • Laura Robinson, Health & Social Services Director